Research & Development

Very high resolution, very shallow S-Wave seismic showing reflector less than 5m below ground level

3D gravity model in complex topography for geothermal exploration

Software development for peak particular velocity calculation for infrastructure safety purposes



Continuous research on cutting-edge solutions to complex issues has encouraged us to develop the following research focuses:

  • Participation in the NeTTUN project (European commission). Geological characterization during TBM progression through VS seismic and GPR imaging;
  • Very high resolution shallow acquisition and data processing through reflection seismology;
  • Characterization of deep geothermal reservoirs through innovative 3D gravity techniques;
  • Gravity method applications aiming on precise quantification of quaternary formation densities.

As part of these projects, close collaborations have been established with the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva, Neuchâtel, EPFL, ETH, Delft (NL) and Leeds (UK). In addition to these main R&D topics, our dedicated test site allows us to constantly develop and update our acquisition and processing procedures for every hardware and software.


Thanks to the extensive amount of data generated on our projects, our expertise and the specific requests from each of our clients, we have developed software encompassing most of the geophysical techniques. Geo2X, in association with W-Geosoft (a group of geologists, geophysicists, hydrogeologists and programmers), has developed commercial geological software since 1989. This software is used worldwide in teaching and production environment. Since 2015, W-Geosoft has been in charge of the continuation and commercialization of this software.